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COVID Protocols

Note: Local conditions drive local requirements.  Requirements at away games may be very different than what works for your local region.  All participants must follow the home field rules.  For the most part these are requirements imposed on AYSO by the municipalities and districts that provide us with fields and AYSO has agreed that all of these local requirements apply to all participants (players, spectators, coaches, referees, assistants, everyone at the site of a game), so please do not ask for exceptions, there is no one in AYSO who can grant one.

We are publishing the known requirements below as an aid to visiting teams.  This list is incomplete and may be augmented by local regions as they react to changing conditions.  Visiting teams should reach out to and stay in contact with the home team to learn the latest updates.

Pre-Game Meetings to Review

Prior to any game where one team is from another region or the referees are not local to the Home region, 2J recommends a brief meeting between the referees and coaches of both teams.  At this meeting the Coach of the Home team will inform/remind the others of the local Covid rules for that field.  Note: the Coaches per AYSO are responsible for the behavior of their player’s parents, but this meeting is an opportunity to discuss potential problems and perhaps ask for help from the Refs with enforcing a rule when the parent or spectator is recalcitrant.

Home Field Requirements by Region

Region 45: Mountain View

  • Region 45 Game Requirements (Everyone)
    ● All coaches at games must wear a mask as much as possible
    ● Everyone watching at the game and near the field must wear a mask and stay 3 feet socially distanced from people who are not in their family group at all times and at least 6 feet away from the field and from players not in the game.
    ● People watching the game from a significant distance are encouraged to wear a mask, but not required. The distance is at the coaches discretion.
    ● All players on the sidelines should wear a mask when not in the game
    ● For 6U, 8U Players on the field (in the game): They are required to wear a mask as much as possible.
    ● For 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 19U Players on the field (in the game): They are not required to wear a mask, but are encouraged to do so.
    ● Post-game snacks should be encouraged to be take-home
    ● Spectators and teams will be on opposite sides of the field. The home team coach will pick the side they want to be on.

Region 64: West San Jose

  • Cupertino Union School District guidelines require adults and children to wear a mask on campus at all times, indoors and outdoors, regardless of vaccine status.
    • This policy covers all AYSO use of any fields at Miller, as well as any games that may get scheduled at Hyde and Eaton.

Region 256: Prunedale

  • The COVID protocols for Prunedale follow the county guidelines for being outside. No masks required for the players on the field. Refs and coaches are encouraged to wear them but not required, same with subs on the sidelines - but the subs should not group together unless they are wearing a mask. Spectators not of the same family unit should be socially distanced or be wearing masks.

Region 1631: Downtown San Jose

  • All fields for all games in Region 1631 require everyone should wear a mask at all times.

Brads League


Interlock Schedules

Area 2J (including parts of the old Area 2A) coordinates play between several of our regions for the divisions interested in playing teams beyond their local region.

Note: Many times Regions have a sufficient number of teams within their regions such that they do not play outside of their home region. You will not find schedules for those age divisions on this website; look on your Region's home website for those schedules.

Note to Schedulers: Once your schedules are (near) final, post them to Google Sheets and then send a shareable link (a link that "Anyone with the link can view") to [email protected]  An entry will be posted below, and any changes made to the master schedule at Google Docs will automatically been seen by all.  

Current Schedules

Fall 2021

"Brads League" posted above, other inter-regional games are scheduled in the usual SportsConnect locations.



The material below is old and here only for reference.  Do not use for current season (current season info is posted above this line).

Boys 10U for Region 64 and 1590

* Spring 2019: 12 Boys and Girls

* Fall 2018: 12U (Boys in first tab, Girls in the second tab)

2J U14/U16 Schedules for Spring 2017
2J U12 Schedules for Spring 2017

Interlock Contacts (Spring 2017)

U14 (an example from Fall 2016).

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