Position Name Email Address
Area Director Kent Bossange
Area Coach Administrator Steve Altus
Area Coach Trainer Mike Wilson
Area Referee Administrator Uttam Saha
Area Director of Ref Assessment Jim Hawley
Area Director of Ref Instruction Mahesh Bhagat
Area Management Administrator John Muskivitch
Area Treasurer Art Zimmerman
Area Secretary Tim Oey
 Area Webmaster
 Alex Carlton
Area VIP Director Bob Hopkins
Area Spring Director Karen Sloan
Area Purchasing Coordinator Art Zimmerman
Area CVPA open
Area Auditor open

Area Tournament Director Michael Siu
Area Developer John Muskivitch
Region 27 Regional Commissioner Charlie Bedard
Region 35 Regional Commissioner Ganesh Balgi
Region 64 Regional Commissioner Art Zimmerman
Region 256 Regional Commissioner Carl Schultz
Region 1590 Regional Commissioner Madan Bellam
Region 1594 Regional Commissioner David Cole

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