Manny Hirschel Award Winners from Area 2J

2013   Tim Oey (2J64 West San Jose)
2012   Brad Gallaher (2J64, West San Jose)
2011   Bob Hopkins (2J)
2010   Karen Sloan (2J)
2009   Randy Ristau (2J64, West San Jose)
2008   Sean O'Keefe (2J64, West San Jose)
2007   Kent Bossange (2J27, Saratoga)
2006   Art Zimmermann (2J64, West San Jose)
2005   Howard Miller (2J27, Saratoga)
2004   Rosie Go (2J64, West San Jose)
2003   Van Nelson (2J27, Saratoga)
2002   Jesse Martinez (2J256, Prunedale)
2001   Mark Linsky (2J27, Saratoga)
2000   John Muskivitch (2J35, Cupertino)


Area Volunteer Of The Year (awarded at Section Expo after calendar year)

The Manny Hirschel Award is given annually at the Section 2 SAGM to a deserving individual from each Area in Section 2. The award was named after Manny Hirschel and first given to him at SAGM in 2000 with the plan to give it out in subsequent years to other worthy members of AYSO. Manny has given many years of unselfish leadership, knowledge, commitment, and effort to the betterment of AYSO, at many levels, and to its players having safe, fun, and fair experiences. The award is intended to be given for long-term contributions at the National, Section, Area, and/or Regional level; however the winner has typically had an impact at multiple levels. Nominees are individuals who have been role models for volunteers and for players. Their actions epitomize the values and philosophy of AYSO.

For more information about the Manny Hirschel Award, please see the Area Handbook.