President's Cup 2014

Schedule Frozen!

The AYSO Area 2J President's Cup 2014 Tournament is an AYSO Invitational tournament open to AYSO Section 2 teams in the U10, U12 and U14 age divisions. 

UPDATE 2/05/2014
Schedule is Posted on GotSoccer.     Referee Schedule is posted on the Referee page.

UPDATE 1/30/2014
Preliminary Schedule is Posted on GotSoccer.     Schedule will be finalized on 2/3/2014.

Key Dates 
  • 1/31  Submit Tournament T-shirt and Payment order forms
  • 2/1    Submit All Application information.  (See Application status Page)
  • 2/7    Last Changes to GotSoccer Roster will be Frozen.
  • 2/13  NEW Coach Check in date,  QueensBorough Pool.  6-9pm
  • 2/14  Coach check in day 2  (Valentine's Day), QueensBorough Pool,   6-9pm
  • 2/21  U10's Coach Check in date.  QueensBorouch Pool.  6-9pm

UPDATE 1/26/2014
Registration has closed and all accepted teams have been notified.
  • Final team counts:  
    • U10B - 8 Teams / U10G - 12 teams / U12B - 8 Teams / U12G - 16 teams / U14B - 10 Teams / U14G - 6 teams.

  • Game schedule is being completed and will be available for review by coaches/managers on 1/27/2014.   The schedule can be found on the GotSoccer Website.  Coaches will have 1 week to provide inputs to the schedule.  The Final Schedule will be posted on 2/3/2014.
  • All Forms and Region Checks are due by Feb, 1st, or you team maybe replaced by a wait listed team.  Check the application status  for you teams paperwork.

  • Below is the Tournament documentation for 2014.

UPDATE 1/12/2014
  • Track your teams application status by following this link to this Google Document.   From here you can see the receipt of paperwork, and other teams in your division.    If you have any questions about registration, please email,, or
  • U12Girls division is being assessed to expand to 16 teams.  A final decision will be made by 1/19.
  • T-shirt and Hoodies orders now available here. Last year there were many people interested in obtaining a Tournament Shirt.   That can now be pre-ordered by January 31st.  At Coaches/Team check-in.

  • Openings in the following divisions U14B (1), U10B (1), U14G (2);   

Update Letter from Tournament Directors - Michael Siu and Art Zimmerman

UPDATE 1/5/2014
U12G Division is Full at 12 teams!
U12B Division is Full at 8 Teams!
U10G Division is Full at 8 Teams! But can expand to 12 teams!

Open slots still in U10B (2), U14B (2), U14G (2) are still available.   Registration closes on Jan 26th.

U10 Division has games that go into the night starting potentially as late as 9pm.   Pre-liminary schedules will be set by February 1st, and sent to coaches for review.

2014 the tournament dates and locations are currently announced:

U10 - Feb 22-23 @ Watson Park
- Feb 15-16 @ Kennedy Middle
U14 -
Feb 15-16 @ Prospect HS

Team Fees are:  U10 - $350; U12 - $400; U14 - $450

Trophies will be awarded to the first place teams in each division.

Tournament registration will will be done through "GotSoccer" and will open on Dec 8th, 2013 and closing on Jan 26th, 2014.   Please use this link when registration opens:

Below are the Tournament documentation for 2014.
Click here for the past results history of the President's Cup Tournament.

Michael Siu,
Jan 13, 2014, 12:18 AM
Michael Siu,
Jan 13, 2014, 6:20 PM