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Serving communities from South Silicon Valley (South SF Bay) to Santa Cruz and Monterey.

Area 2J Fall 2015 Tournament Results

1st - R256-G3 Earthquakes
2nd - R64-G1 Firebirds
3rd - R256-G2 Pink Panthers
4th - R27-G2 Tsunami

1st - R27-B6 Tornadoes
2nd - R1631-B1 AC Milan
3rd - R27-B1 White Lightning
4th - R1590-B4 Earthquakes

Tournament played December 5th and 6th

1st - R64 Palm Trees
2nd - R256 Terminators
3rd - R64 The Dragonfruits
4th - R35 Cupertino Real

1st - R1590 Aftershocks
2nd - R256 Wolves
3rd - R27 United
4th - R27 Cyclones

For those going on to the Section 2 tournament (December 12th and 13th in Foster City), the necessary information can be found on their tournament page.

Congratulations to those who did so well!  And we hope everyone had a good time competing.

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Region 27 - Saratoga
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Region 64 - West San Jose
Region 256 - Prunedale (Salinas)
Region 1590 - San Jose Evergreen
Region 1631 - San Jose Downtown

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